1)  How does the CDW applies?
Based on the chart above, if you take the Perodua Kancil which falls on Group A. the optional CDW is RM15.00 per day.

2) How much is the deposit then?
The deposit you need to pay is RM500.00 if you include the CDW in the rental. If you exclude the CDW of RM15.00, then you will need to pay RM2000.00 as the deposit.

3) Will my deposit be returned?
Yes, your deposit will be return to you when the car is returned in the same state before it was rented.

4) Can I use credit card for the deposit?
Yes, we prefer credit card to be used in the transaction (Master or Visa). For credit card, we would only block the deposit amount on the credit card and not charge on it. When the car is returned safely, we will return the credit card slip back to you.

5) Can I use cheque for this?
Yes, but only company cheque. Personal cheques are not accepted. You will need to bank-in the cheque 3 days in advance before the booking date.