Have Questions? Find Your Answers Below

How do you charge the car rental

We charge on a per day basis and minimum of one day. Example if you pickup the car at 5pm today and return on 10am the next morning. The same total amount will be applied as its considered as ‘overnight’. In any other conditions, we will charge accordingly to the rental duration.

What is the condition of the car?

We do scheduled maintenance for our cars on both interior and exterior and also mechanically. In terms of age, some are old and some are brand new. If find it no longer suitable for rental, we would remove it from our inventory.

Do you include insurance?

Yes, we do provide insurance coverage which are optional. The insurance only apply for the car and not the passengers. If you have your own personal insurance, you won’t have any problem making claims if any injury has taken place as our car rental is licensed and legal. Your insurance most likely won’t cover injury occurred from driving cars from unlicensed car rental company.

What payments options do you accept?

We accept major credit card types like Master Card and Visas. Payment can be made with credit card only when the car is collected. For point to point transfer or driver, we accept cash only.

Do I need to pay for deposit for online reservation?

We don’t take deposit or payment upon online reservation, so it gives you the advantage to cancel anytime. Just have the courtesy to inform us early if there is any cancellation.

Do you have any other branches in Sarawak or Malaysia?

Unfortunately, we do not have any other branches in Sarawak. We’re only based in Kuching. Charges will be apply if you dropoff the car outside of Kuching

Are you able to deliver the car to Damai Beach or outside of Kuching City?

Yes, we can dispatch the car anywhere within Kuching City and for regional area, it would require additional charges. Example: Damai, RM35.00 (may change depending on fuel price fluctuation)

Can I extend the booking while renting it?

Yes, you may extend the rental duration but it would be best if you let us know about it as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee the availability of the car at last minute request as it may affect other client’s booking. Should there be any problem, we would offer you to use any of our cars available. Rental charges will be made accordingly.

Can I pay by cheque?

Yes, but only company cheque and you will need to bank in the cheque in advance as it will take time for the cheque to be process. Payment does not count until the cheque is fully processed and received in our company bank account.

If I am picking up the car at the Kuching International Airport, what do I do when I arrive?

We got the details we need during the booking, our representatives will wait for you at the arrival hall and guide you through the short process.

What are the charges for a chauffeur/driver?

The rate is RM80.00 starting anytime from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Same charges will apply even if the rental starts at 10am.

There are some private company offering lower rates than what you have. Can you give discount?

We’re a registered company with proper license issued by government agencies. Our company comply with strict rules and regulations regarding customer service. Here you can assure legal & secure, services from us for a piece of mind while driving.

Can I cancel the booking?

Yes, Just have the courtesy to inform us early. The car will be very sad, if you cancel last minute as no one will be taking it for a ride.

Are there petrol fuel when the car is received?

There will be sufficient car fuel left by the previous customer who rent the car. You will need to return the car with the same amount of fuel. Else, charges will apply.

Can I have your phone number contact?

Yes, after online booking is made and confirmation given. Phone is a hassle and miscommunication can easily occur. Give online booking a try.

Do you provide baby seats?

Yes, baby seats are available for rent at RM25 per rental or per week.

Do you have GPS for rent?

Yes, with only RM25 per day or RM120.00 per week.

How much is charges to switch cars during rental?

You will only need to pay the difference of the rates of the cars switched.

I am a foreigner, what documents I need to rent cars and drive in Kuching?

As of 2019, you will need international driving license to rent any car legally here. Standard identification documents like passport or identity card.

Is there any special rate for tourism officers or government servant?

Nope, there isn’t any. We don’t get special treat in any tourism area or special government treat either. That is to be fair.